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09 January 2016


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I'm 5-9. Every time I look at a BMI or calorie chart I'm just befuddled at how someone without my height can do it?!? I think you are well justified to complain all you like.


If I was 5'9'' with the same BMI as I have now, I could eat 350 more calories per day to stay the same.

19 percent more. MAN.


I am fairly motivated by the buy one meal, get one free aspect of eating at restaurants because I am also trying to justify to myself the economics of being at the restaurant to begin with.

I do fall into the restaurant plate-cleaning habit when I have an exclusively nursing baby, which is glorious while it lasts and bites me in the rear when it's over.

Something else I do when I eat out and want to eat more of the restaurant food than is wise is that I will reduce another meal to a basic snack. If I go out for lunch, I might have cheese and crackers for supper or skip it all together.

Also I think I might need some eggs on pumpernickel toast soon.


I find that I can and in fact really need to eat quite a lot more while lactating (which I have been doing for six continuous years at this point). Do others not find this?


I can eat like a hoss and lose weight until baby reaches critical mass on the solid food. Whenever that change is triggered, my metabolism drops like a rock.


Haha, do you know, I completely forgot to account for lactating. Which probably does mean I can eat more, even though baby is eating solids now and is 2 years old. But I think it is probably balanced out by my tendency to underestimate my portion sizes.


Well, I might be tall, but I did not lose or maintain weight while I was lactating! I continuously gained while breastfeeding and since stopping have been slowly losing. It was probably because I started pregnancy about 30lbs overweight and lost weight the entire time I was pregnant. When food suddenly tasted good again I overcompensated.


My mother in law was overweight before pregnancy, lost weight during pregnancy (without any bad complications like hyperemesis or anything), and gained significant weight while nursing, twice. She's around 5'8" and has been overweight since middle childhood. Makes me wonder if there is a metabolic pattern going on.


I often gain a LOT with my pregnancies--starting with 85 pounds when I had twins. I'm 5'4". I don't have trouble losing the weight afterwards (except the last 10 pounds...) though I do have to make an effort. Nursing doesn't make the weight "melt off" the way some claim (though when I was nursing twins, I did lose that weight faster... although I was also 29 instead of 38!!)

Anyway, yeah. Nursing isn't magical for me--my "normal" is maintaining weight, whatever that weight is: overweight or right on target. I'm thankful that I don't gain too easily ('cept when I'm pregnant, obviously!), but choosing to be hungry all the time in order to lose the weight is... tiresome.


Interesting data point about your mother-in-law Sarah, I was never diagnosed with hyperemesis either. My first trimester I had horrible nausea, but even after that improved I never really got a strong appetite back until post partum. It does make one wonder about the pattern. We are currently TTC, it will be interesting to see if a second pregnancy follows the same trend.

Christy P.

In my years of observation at LLL meetings, many women report that they lost weight relatively quickly at first postpartum but that their bodies seemed to hang on to the last 5-10 pounds until baby was eating a fair bit of solid food. It's like their bodies are keeping an extra store for the nursling. That was my experience the first time, but the 2nd (tandem nursing infant and a 3 yo) I couldn't eat enough. When I returned to work postpartum a colleague (pediatrician!) suggested that I should get a mammogram because I had lost weight so fast. She didn't believe that nursing could suck up so many calories. YMMV of course, and I think it is great to share stories of diverse experience to honor the notion of biological distributions.

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