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06 January 2016


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Thanks - I've been totally failing on the mornings all around, and this may help. I have been loving getting to teach Alg to my oldest this year though, and am looking forward to moving through the sequence - that's my topic. And we're actually making visible progress in something big :) which pleases both of us.


Glad you're back. I was actually wondering this morning about your diet/exercise as I ate my egg on toast.

Christy P.

I dream some days about a child that sleeps in. Most days even getting up at 5:45 doesn't result in more than 25 minutes of alone time, much of which is spent in the shower, making coffee, and packing lunches. If either of my kids is still sleeping past 7 or 7:30, that child probably has a fever.


I know, I count that as a blessing. Considering that I really crave time by myself (and build it into my day), I'm fortunate to be the only morning person in the house, because it means I can always have some of that time as long as I'm willing to be up early.

But it *does* tempt me to exploit it for extra time in the mornings.


The secret to sticking to your plan is to do your damnedest to plan stuff that you will enjoy. Harness the power of people doing what they want to do!

You could write a best-selling self-help book with that as its tagline. I am going to put it on a post-it and stick it to my office computer monitor.


PS Please please please post more first drafts. I miss hearing from you!


I am also in favor of more first drafts.

One of the hardest things I am having to adjust to is that I am *not* a morning person and I wake up with children immediately making demands on me. I am well accustomed to having an hour or two in the morning to gather my thoughts and now I don't. :/

Melanie B

Hmm. This is one of my greatest homeschooling struggles. I was just thinking yesterday: I love poetry, so why don't we do it every day? Why is it so hard to make poetry memorization part of our routine? And I think that's the key: if I make it a chore to do, then it ceases to be fun. So what do I do about that? How do I keep it in frequent rotation without reducing it to an item on a checklist? Or do I just need to get over my anti checklist mentality?

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