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20 February 2016


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I just got to teaching Algebra this year, and am enjoying it very much - I can only imagine how it will get better (but yes, hard work - and these subjects take so much TIME for both of us!).

The qualification thing sort of cracks me up - I have the paper and experience that says I can teach first year college (non-major) calculus, but ciphering and even Algebra are totally different teaching challenges. And I got a bit of experience teaching intro music... theory? ... to my physicist husband this weekend, when he wouldn't take my word on "do re mi" to get us started, so we ended up going into overtones and frequency and whatnot.... before he ever accepted the ideas of octave and fifth as worth entertaining. :) When I teach grade schoolers, they're willing to just take a song they know and translate it into solfege on my say-so :)


I'm going to come out here and say that we don't do spelling any more. We learn rules through phonics, and then we write. So far my older ones seem to be doing okay, and I am fine with telling anyone who asks how to spell a word, because what's the point of looking it up in a dictionary if you don't already know how to spell it? That's always annoyed me.

Christy P.

Recently, I am pointedly annoyed at our institutional (alternative, whole-child) school for training children who are less than 10 years old in 'keyboarding'. I have full confidence that skill will soon be as archaic as our learning of Fortran 77 (in 1992).


Christy, I'll take this opportunity to jump on my soapbox about my daughter's elementary school dumping music class in favor of technology class. So many bad words.

I can't say I was terribly nice about it. When my eight year old was in tears because she couldn't figure out how to put together a redacted Powerpoint presentation, I wouldn't let her work on it at home. I told her this was the school's stupid idea that had no educational value whatsoever and if they wanted her to learn Powerpoint, they could spend their own time doing it, but we were not wasting our time at home on it.

Anyway, elementary keyboarding. What a waste.

Barbara C.

I greatly looked forward to the idea of teaching high school...or actually whatever the next grade was going to be. Like you, I liked the organization process much more than the actual teaching. But the last grade I ended up planning for was 4th and never finished teaching it.

I suspect that continuing through high school is a little easier with the co-schooling arrangement that you have. One of my girlfriends and I realized how much it easier it is for the two of us to handle 8 small children on an outing than for one of us to only handle four by ourselves.

Most of the homeschoolers I know do either switch to a brick-and-mortar school for high school or they switch to online programs, like Queen of Heaven Academy or Kolbe. They just don't feel they can teach high school and give the younger kids the attention they need.

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