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18 May 2016


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I think it is all great; a new order and orderliness is something to look forward to for sure.

I never tire of seeing what children can do who have used the Mapping the World curriculum. I discovered it too late to use with my children, but I nonetheless bought a barely used set of materials for myself, with full intention of studying once a week and improving my woefully lacking knowledge of geography.

That was more than ten years ago. I think I do still own it, and perhaps...perhaps I will do it one day....

Anyway, I'm not getting rid of it yet. Maybe in some distant era one of my grandchildren will find it and it will be just the right time for one of my great-grandchildren to learn world geography with my blessing.


I've been meaning to leave a comment here for days.

I am intrigued by the mapping curriculum and also a little intimidated. I'll have 6th, 3rd, and K next year. If it takes two years to get through, I suspect next year would be the year to start it. (And it would take two years because there is no way my nerves could take art projects four days a week.)

Your new schoolroom looks lovely. Will we get a play-by-play of demolition and installation. I like the idea of having a cabinet with the baskets.

I am finally able to turn my attention to how this house is arranged and hopefully I can create new spaces here too. I'm thinking about ditching my upstairs couch. Hmmmm

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