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09 July 2016


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I also do not generally put bumper stickers on my car. I feel very self-conscious about pat phrases that may or may not accurately portray my feelings on any given subject. I have a great fear of being misunderstood.

I have a nativity scene magnet that I try to remember to put on the car at Christmas, but I am at sub-50% in that task. When I do remember, it makes me uncomfortable and self-conscious because I have seen, here in the heart of the Bible Belt, too many Jesus fish attached to vehicles being driven like bats out of Hell.

If I could find a small and appropriate Power T to place inconspicuously, I would be pleased, but I have not spent any effort in finding such a sticker.

But as a commuter, I am eminently grateful for those who adorn their cars with stickers of all kinds. Nothing can be more amusing in an extended traffic jam than reading the fifty stickers placed and piled on the beater car in front of you. I secretly admire those who are unafraid to broadcast all their feelings and political thoughts all over their cars.

Melanie B

Erin, you put your finger on exactly why I'm uncomfortable with bumper stickers on my car. And like Jenny, I am grateful for those who plaster their cars with stickers-- except for the jerks who post profanity where my just learning to read kids can sound it out and ask me what "%4*&!" means.


This is one of the best things I've read in a long time. I will be sharing it.

Karen Edmisten

Yup. Couldn't agree more.


I think this is the best post you have ever written.

Christy P.

Thought of you after looking up the verse I saw on a car today on the motorway in Ghana. It was Exodus 14:14. One of my colleagues helpfully had a Bible on her iPad and we learned that it was something like let the Lord fight your battles and be at peace. Anti-road rage!


Ha! Well, one advantage of quoting chapter and verse is that you can fit a reference to quite a lot of material in a small space -- so at least there's a chance of some context....

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