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16 July 2016


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The only statement that gave me pause was when Mrs Castile said that her son was a king and deserved to have a king's funeral. Eek. That sentiment does make me uncomfortable. However she is a grieving woman and should be given wide latitude to make not quite appropriate statements.

That being said, I don't see any reason why the diocese should have refused her request. It was a perfect opportunity for demonstrating the unity of the Church and reflects the importance of the Church in the wider community. I am glad they opened their doors.


On Mrs. Castile's statement:

(a) She said "a king and a martyr."

(b)Think of what it means that, believing this and feeling this way about her son, and despite not being Catholic, she felt the Catholic cathedral was the appropriate place for him to be memorialized.


Absolutely. It speaks to the deeper meaning of what the Church is that she would want her son's funeral in a Catholic cathedral. I am glad she reached out the church and I am glad they welcomed her.


Yes, exactly this. I was deeply humbled that out of all the options in the metro, she reached out to our diocese. It gave me hope.

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