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02 August 2016


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Totally unrelated to the main subject of your post. But I was (suddenly after almost never having problems) having some intense menstrual symptoms, headaches, fatigue, confusion and difficulty concentrating. Someone talked me into trying raspberry leaf tea, and it has helped immensely. I drink a cup every morning and have had only very mild symptoms the past half year, it seems also to help with cravings. (I'm otherwise not really into crazy alternative stuff but figured it was practically food so worth a try.) *Ymmv/talk to your doctor/I'm not a doctor/interactions/blablabla.


How many miles do you have on your shoes? When I get that particular pain, it usually means I need new shoes. BTW, for me it usually takes a long time to go away, but is not aggravated by continuing to run.


Re: raspberry leaf tea,

I *hate* raspberry leaf tea.

Re: shoes,

I have a forefoot-striking stride, and I run in cross-country racing flats. Typically the age of shoes is not that important in this situation, because you're not really relying on heel cushioning.


I'm not a runner nor athlete, but have to comment that I wouldn't rule out a correlation between the wonky menstrual cycle and the injury. I'm 41 and 23 weeks pregnant and my hormones are absolutely wreaking havoc on my pelvis (in ways they didn't when I was pregnant 2 years ago). I am seeing a physical therapist and trying all sorts of various things to improve it, but both the midwife and PT gave me the head side tilt while mentioning the losing battle against the hormones and my age. So frustrating.

Sorry to hear your are suffering, I hope the stretches provide relief! It will be interesting to see if anything changes through your next cycle.


It's not a running injury, but I have a similar pregnancy injury. Pain runs from the side of my hips to the lower front of my hips down into my inner thigh. It's fine most of the time except for that whole changing positions thing, which makes me feel like an old, old woman. It also complicates exercises that involve moving my legs because I have to get over the pain before I'll do anything.

I have several exercises that I am supposed to do with those stretchy PT exercise bands. I should probably start doing those again.

Christy P.


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