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05 September 2016


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Love this! @petersokolowski just mentioned this on twitter. You should follow him--he's an editor at Merriam Webster. I've heard him speak twice and he's amazing. I can't bring a screen shot into your combos, so I'll retweet it to you! The conclusion is that the more "nouny" the modifier, the closer to the noun it goes.


Wow, Tabitha, that's great! Thanks!

Melanie B

Erin, this is great. A much better write up than I could have done.

I like the idea of more nouny modifiers. I think we need another Sunday afternoon to play with that idea. :)

I'll just cut and paste his tweets here for easy discussion:

"1/ Easy version: the more "nouny" the modifier, the closer to the noun itself. Example: "new black leather wallet."

2/ 'New' is pure adj; colors are fully both adj and noun; 'leather' is attributive (noun modifying another noun).

3/ This is extremely important for non-native speakers learning English, & that list, though impressive, is impractical. Just think "nouny.""

I think that meshes with your idea of compounds rather nicely.

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