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03 September 2016


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I am not sure if this rises to the level of leisure since leisure is defined as something you would do even if you didn't have to, but I love record keeping. I find it so relaxing and enjoyable to input and track and budget and balance all our accounts. It is so very satisfying when all the receipts are inputted and the accounts are balanced and the reports have been created and the spreadsheets are filled and forecasts can be made and the next month's budget is complete.

Most people dread the monthly bills and float along with financial systems much less complex than mine, but I find that the process is one I look forward to every month.

As for actual leisure, it's been in short supply around here for a long time and I'm not even sure what it might be. I do love following tidbits of information down rabbit holes and love being able to identify what I see around me, whether that's birds or trees or plants.


I loved this post so much. I constantly feel guilty because I have friends and a mother-in-law (love her!) who cleans house to relax. They all say they don't know how I have time to write. I'm starting to make peace with the fact that my house is never going to be as clean as others. I clean it to what seems to be an acceptable level and write to recharge.

And incidentally, I did write a light nonfiction book if you are looking for something to read in the future. ;)


You have given me so much to think about here - but I didn't have the leisure to do it for several days, so I kept your post in a tab on my browser bar all week!

What grabbed me was the thought that Learning Things is relaxing. That's how I am! I remember being surprised when my sewing teacher told me that she sews to relax, and I couldn't relate then, when I was young and learning to sew ;-)

But I love identifying plants and learning the names of things in my world, or other languages, or learning deeply on most any subject. Having to learn about something superficially drives me to distraction, literally.

It was interesting to hear about how this aspect of your personality -- I assume you were talking about liking to learn things -- has not helped you in the world of academia. I don't think I discovered this about myself until I left school, with its demands that one always be studying things that other people required. It was even hard to keep our homeschool "program" moving along, because I would, with the children, easily get (happily) bogged down in architecture, or birds, or a book, as we deeply explored some part of our world.

Your comparison of fiction and non-fiction is something I can relate to as well. Months ago I put major classics like Les Miserables and War and Peace on my Kindle so I can read big books in bed at night. But just from reading your post I begin to see that the reason I still have not started them is that they are too much like work at that time of day (and maybe at this stage of my life); I know that they deserve a certain kind of engagement that I can't enter into when I'm tired.

Since fifteen years ago I have really appreciated the Meyers-Briggs typing and other ways of sorting people out, so to speak, for just the reason you state: so that we might understand each other better and give liberty to other personalities, rather than judging them as Wrong. My first four children were more like my husband and me, and it was the fifth who actually introduced me to more intensive study of personalities, which we both appreciated SO much as we were trying to love each other during her teen years.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

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