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09 December 2016


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Feeling your pain, literally. My hips, as you know, have hurt for years. But just the other day, I, too, awoke with a left ring finger strangely hurting for reasons I could not discern. Weather changes, maybe? It got better after a few days, but this getting old thing is for the birds, but better than the alternative.


Every time I notice the toll of age, I get a little more excited for the Resurrection of the Body. Of course, my teeth have been a great reason to look forward to it for years....!


I've been piling up for 83 years so many aches and pains that my doctors told me to stop being so anxious and pray the Rosary more along with taking aspirin and water now and then.


Anxiety makes pain worse, for sure. It feels better to have a plan of action than not to have a plan of action, even if there isn't much you can do physically about it.

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