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05 January 2017


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This sounds heavenly. Scott and I were recently lamenting the loss (several years ago) of our bread machine. It sat dormant for too long, and then when I did use it, it broke. It was a great little machine at first, though.

Boy, talk about blogging like it's 2005--you've reminded me I used to have a bread blog on the side! Those heady days when we started side-blogs for every new theme...



I'm happy to see this recipe, because I actually have the proper pan, but have never made this bread. Looking forward to it!

Melanie B

Interesting. It sounds not unlike my sandwich bread which is also heavy on the milk and butter.


I never had time for a side blog -- you get the whole mishmash of my interest right here.

Karen Edmisten

Oh, yum. Now I have to make bread tomorrow. I often just throw together the artisan-bread-in-five-minutes stuff.

Lissa, I remember that bread blog! :)


One thing about the dough -- it felt super dense, and I worried it was a mistake. Took a long rise. The bread loaf itself was dense - feeling-- but somehow the slices were not.


I was delusional to think I had time to maintain side-blogs. They never lasted long.

I believe the bread blog was called Peace of Bread, which I found exceedingly clever at the time. ::groans::

Christy P.

I have been contemplating the removal of 1-2 bread machines from my life. The existence of the bread machine spreadsheet is the only thing stopping me. Lissa, if you were near me, I would give one to you.


I bet the secondary market in bread machines is pretty good for the buyer.


Oh, yes, fully working bread machines are plentiful at the thrift store.


This sounds so good! I have never seen a pan like that before. From the reviews, it sounds like it could have upped my gluten free bread game. I haven't ventured into "regular" bread baking since reintroducing gluten to our home, but if I do I'm going to try this!

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