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06 January 2017


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Oh, dear, I hope you are fully recovered quickly.


Feel better!

Karen Edmisten

Wishing you a quick recovery!

(Is that possible to call it a quick recovery after 10 days of illness? Or is that sort of like calling someone who's labored for 20 years at their art,, then finds success and recognition an overnight success?) :)


Inspiring dedication to therapy! I hope it worked! The day I spent 12 hours in bed put an end to my cold but put a great strain on my back :-(

Here's hoping this is your last illness of 2017! Truly it seems that there isn't time for this kind of thing.

Melanie B

I'm also a big believer in a Day of Rest and Fluids, but I think it's less dramatic at our house maybe since my bedroom is downstairs and is often used for a staging room for schoolwork when we need a quiet place to retreat to. And I often retreat there when I need a bit of quiet. So the physical demarcation of me in bed isn't quite as dramatic as it might be were our house bigger.

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