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11 March 2017


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Melanie B

The first point. Rule 3, echoes several conversations we've had in the past week or two about how giving people the benefit of the doubt, particularly when you disagree with their politics, seems to be a notion that has disappeared completely from our discourse. Almost every seems to read everything our guy does in the best possible light and everything the other guy does in the worst possible light. But it's also prevalent in social media where so much incivility seems rooted in finding the worst possible interpretation of what everyone says and responding to that instead of assuming the best.

People also seem to lack "good listening" skills online. They don't read carefully and respond to what the other person is actually saying nor do they practice such good listening skills as paraphrasing what the other person has said or asking follow-up questions before launching into an attack or a long-winded discourse.

And I'm frequently guilty of both, too, I'm sure.

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