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22 April 2017


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I'm in tears at your tribute, Erin. I've enjoyed each story you've shared on your blog about this amazing woman. The world has lost someone special. But Love won. My prayers are with you as you and your family grieve. May she Rest in Peace. 🙏❤️✝


Thank you, Tabitha.


Condolences and prayers. You two look very alike.


I am so sorry for your loss, Erin. Prayers for you and your family

Emily J

So sorry for your loss. Grandparents provide a special sort of love.


May your grief become joy with the blessings and comfort of Jesus, Mary and Joseph for your family.


I am so sorry to read this, Erin. Thank you for putting up her pictures: her smiles light up the page in each one.


Going to add that there's no statute of limitations on the length of grieving, either. You take your time about it and I'm sorry you've lost her.


Thinking of you. And praying for your family. I'm glad you were able to go out to be with her.

Chris Tyler

This is beautiful.

Melanie B

"But we left quickly, and while I thought to bring my grief supplies with me -- black trousers and sturdy dress shoes -- I forgot to make room in my duffel for joy as well. It will all be there when I get back home."

This image arrested me. A little bit of a poem in the midst of grief.

Praying for you and your grandmother and all those who mourn.

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