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25 June 2017


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Could you tell us the solution you and the admissions counselor came up with? I am also an engineer-turned-homeschooler (up to 3d grade so far), and I'm very much hoping to teach math and science myself.


Nice to meet you, Michelle!

Well, I didn't want to get into too many details here because the solution for my son is kind of specific to my son and to the needs of this particular school -- I don't want anyone to assume that it will certainly work in their situation. But the short version is that, in addition to a couple of other letters of recommendation that will come from other people, I'm going to write a "letter of explanation" that describes our science and math program in detail. It won't be a recommendation, although it'll go in that part of the support materials, but it'll give the context they need to understand what level of science and math he has been studying. It should be enough information coupled with his standardized test scores to answer the question of whether he's prepared for college mathematics.

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