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03 July 2017


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Melanie B

as I was reading parts 1 and 2 I was thinking what a profoundly Eucharistic prayer the Divine Mercy devotion is and how the referent to "us" and "our" is also possibly those who recognize Jesus' sacrifice and His Real Presence in the Eucharist. We who have special access to His Mercy precisely in and through our Eucharistic devotion.

Also, thinking about praying this prayer with children who are too young to have received the Eucharist (or those who for whatever reason cannot receive) so that they aren't offering the fruits of reception of the Eucharist but somehow the Eucharist itself.

Thinking about Eucharistic Adoration.... the Eucharist is not just the object of our adoration, but the Person to whom we offer our prayers and petitions, the sacrifice which we offer in atonement for sins, the means of our reconciliation, and the gift which we offer the world so that they too might be reconciled. And the person who offers the sacrifice on our behalf. It's the food which strengthens us for the journey as well as the destination towards which we are journeying.


Thank you for your thoughts on CDM. Been trying to follow Jesus since my baptism in 1933. Had high school education but did poorly with English grammar. Your comment on the Eucharist was excellent. Blessed Joseph is my patron saint from my Confirmation.

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