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20 July 2017


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I suspect, and I have nothing to back this up except a gut feeling, that a significant reason there is a dearth of punishment for the boys who father these children is because the 'boy' is an adult man who is not a student at the school.

Not to detract from your larger point, which I totally agree with.


Jenny, I mean: look for a case where a male student at a Christian school was disciplined because it became generally known that he had fathered a child (with a girl or woman who may or may not have been a student at the same school).

Chris Tyler

Here are a few results of the male student being expelled as well. I cannot find the specifics you are looking for, and note that the first link states that the male student was reinstated, while the female student was not.

1. href="http://www.alternet.org/education/10-frightening-things-happening-conservative-christian-schools-may-be-funded-your-tax"

2. href="http:/lovefm.com/2017/04/05/pregnant-teen-and-alleged-father-expelled-from-school/

3. http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/4030335.Pregnant_girl_and_boyfriend_expelled/

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