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11 July 2017


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This is really good, Erin. I'm currently pondering this sort of question within a family context of teaching kids about sexual morality/chastity. Your blog post speaks to the dilemma I have in conversations with this person I dearly love. This is great for me to ponder. Thank you!


When I was at Notre Dame in the '90s, there was a loud conversation going on (among the students at least) about covering same-sex partners through the spousal benefits. Some people were big and loud on the truth side, and some were trying to work things through one-by-one on the reach-out-in-love side. My experience, as one of the latter, was that it actually helped having the "John the Baptist Voice in the Wilderness" proclaiming truth for me so I could take it as a given (for both of us in the conversation) and start from, "OK, well then what does love look like?" as a second half to the same thing. In that one situation, I didn't experience the mutual finger-pointing. Perhaps this was because my part wasn't "policy scale" but rather one-on-one? And perhaps the truth would have been more palatable if I had been forced to include it, rather than it being broadcast impersonally....

I find it helpful to remember the quote I've heard attributed to St. Catherine of Alexandria, she of the wheel: "Recall that everyone is fighting a great battle". The people I reach out to, the people clinging to truth at the expense of charity and those around them, and me.

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