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31 October 2017


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Tabitha Spitzer

You need to translate that book! I'd love to read it. ☺


"It seems that the French, even millennials, are not yet so disconnected from their roots that they need people to tell them how to eat dinner."

Ha! Needing someone to explain dinner to me pretty much defines my life. I'm afraid the rhythm of producing a nightly meal will never feel natural to me.


Tabitha: it's not terribly exciting French to translate! (Except for the recipes, those are always good)

I have thought about finding an American version of the same sort of thing and doing a point by point comparison. American "seven days of meal plans" usually include two snacks a day and fat free everything. :P

But if there's interest I could do a little more blogging from it.

Christy P.

I was thinking yesterday about the logistics of separate courses and quickly became overwhelmed by the number of dishes and potentially serving pieces to wash. You certainly have more helpers, but are you actually running the dishwasher after the first course so that it can be emptied and refilled with the rest of the dishes from dinner? Or do people keep the same plates and have other items served upon them (possibly with wiping up any extra salad dressing with a paper towel between courses)?


ChristyP: Answer in the next post!


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