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06 October 2017


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Happy birthday!

It's been so much fun to read these posts :-) thanks again for writing!


Happy Birthday!

Thank you for bringing us along with you. We also like to travel overseas with our large family (though they are closer in age than yours 4-9), so it's fun to see how another family does it.


Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for letting us read about your wonderful trip.


I have read your blog regularly forcyears but have only commented a few times. First, a very Happy Birthday wish from me to you. Second, thank you so much for posting on your trip. I can only dream of ever taking a trip like yours and you described yours so well it gave a great picture of each day. Safe travels home and I look forward to your future posts.


Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all the posts. My eldest (14, starting h.s.) is reading along with me :)


Thank you, everyone!

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