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03 November 2017


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Are you weighing out your food on a scale? We have a scale, but I never think to pull it out.

I just punched out my BMI range. At about two inches taller than you, my range is 101 lbs to 135 lbs. It is hard to believe 101 pounds would be healthy for me since I have a small bone structure and couldn't keep my weight that low in high school. (Believe me, I tried. I just couldn't tip over into anorexia. I couldn't deal with feeling that hungry.)

If I could pick a weight from the weight fairy, it would be 115. I feel so thin and all my clothes hang just right. Of course, I only weigh that much for about six weeks when the actively nursing baby is about seven months old.

I could see weighing 135 after menopause. I don't want to be too thin then because it seems to lead nowhere good. In the meantime, I'd like to hang out in your goal weight range of 117-125.

I start feeling not great about my weight at about 123 pounds but I don't start to worry until I hit 126. My main source of discontent has to do with my pants. My pants start to not fit at about 125 pounds.

Right now, at 7 weeks postpartum, I weigh 140 pounds. It is just on the top edge of overweight. It feels like a lot to me so it is a little surprising it is so close to "normal" weight. I did buy two new pair of pants so as to not be quite as distressed as the weight comes off--or doesn't.

Christy P.

Wow, I'll declare as #3 in the same weight comfort range. I'm taller than either of you, and with a different structure, so at 120 I'm at BMI of 20.0 (5'5").


Oh my goodness. Body structure makes such a difference. If my BMI was 20.0 I would weigh 99 pounds.

I have met women who are my height and (I would guess) about that weight, and who look well, but that would not be a good look for me.

There is a picture of me at 109, in a black shirt and jeans, on my “chronological index” post. I cannot imagine how I would look at ten pounds less.


Oh, and Jenny, I am weighing food on a scale right now, at home anyway. I have one that lives on the counter because we weigh coffee grounds with it. (60 g per 12-coffee-cup pot)

I have always done periodic bouts of Weighing Everything in order to stay aware of what portion sizes look like. I don’t take one with me to restaurants, but to do so would not be crazy.

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