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19 December 2017


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Well, here's a question for you, since I'm not sure that you have a space for this. I have hobbies that can be large and time-consuming (making quilt, for example). Where would you put those types of tasks in those system? Separately, or include them?


I tend to keep things like that separate, but put the daily tasks in my to-dos.

I don’t really know how quilting works so let’s think of a time-consuming thing of the type I might do.

If I were to take a class, I would keep class notes and assignments in a different notebook or binder; but “do my homework” or “read the chapter” would wind up on my yesterbox and index card.


Ahh, bullet journaling. It should be so simple, but I think it's become intimidating to many people who are just looking for an analog way to collect thoughts. Mine is mostly lists and a couple of brain dumps as well. I think the real work is finding a setup that works for what you need.


I am unfamiliar with this fad. So basically, someone invented keeping notes in a notebook as a novel way of organization or keeping track of things? That's kind of hilarious.

One of my favorite memories of my grandfather is how he kept a small notebook in his shirt pocket. To do lists, grain prices, something interesting a friend said all got written down in it. He had a drawer in his desk full of the full notebooks, rubber banded together. I think you could piece together his whole life by reading through them.


I have had this window open since, oh, the 20th of December trying to formulate what I want to ask.

So how long does it take to get it set up? Or is this something that you have to figure out as you go? Also how long does it take for you to make your daily to-do list? I assume having all your brain dumps handy makes a daily list easier.

I need to get a better handle on my schedule/requirements/what-have-you because I spend way too much time in overwhelm paralysis. Overcoming the hurdle of actually starting some kind of system is harder than it ought to be.


I figured mine out as I went.

It doesn't take me too long to make a daily to-do list, in part because I force myself to the index card (horizontal): I can only put so many things on it.

The "yesterbox" takes a little more time. I write that (in practice not every single day) and that helps me gather my thoughts about which things should go on the to-do list.

The nice thing about keeping a paper diary is that you can figure out what works as you go. The first one you start is sort of a record of what works and what didn't. After a few months, or after filling it up: Did it help to recopy a calendar month in the journal? Did I ever use that habit tracker after I drew it? Did I look at that list of menus I make ever again? Do I like doodling on my pages? Is color-coding worth the trouble? Which pages did I refer to? Then the *second* iteration you can eliminate all the stuff that didn't work.

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