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05 December 2018


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I read or heard something once that suggested that "manger" might not have meant, as we think of it, a small box. It might have been a bigger area filled with hay, and the whole family might have been sleeping in that hay, so to lay him there might just have meant "as opposed to a bed in the inn" and have been *with* his mother rather than *away from* her. One alternative understanding.


I love this reflection.

In regards to mandamum's comment, I saw something similar come across my screen this week. I don't know how solid the scholarship is, but it's interesting that there's a debate.



Melanie, that’s really interesting (and a lot of it rings true).

I know most of the “it wasn’t a stable” protests I have seen tend to insist on it being a cave, and then draw some parallel between that and the new tomb.

Whether the “inn” was an inn or not, I maintain that the “no room in the(somewhere intended for hospitality” is a meaningful passage—there just aren’t any wasted words.

I would like to see a crèche/nativity scene built after the plan put forth in the article! Wouldn’t that be a great diorama-type project for an interested kid?

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