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26 July 2019


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Kate Cousino

Honestly, if you read the original Boundaries book, the concept always was about recognizing the boundaries that already exist in/around your limits and responsibilities. It never was primarily about constraining other people, though pop self-help culture has used it that way. So this to me sounds exactly like setting good boundaries that prudently uses your gifts and strengths while respecting your limits.

Melanie B.

I think picking the tasks that are most in your wheelhouse makes a great deal of sense. Any good leadership should find out what tasks people are good at/prefer and assign them accordingly. It's possible there's someone else who loves doing the things you love as much as you do, but in that case, it would still be first come first serve in terms of who gets to sign up for the preferred task.

I've started to think about my aversions to loud noise as a sensory issue, too. I think it' helpful to realize it's really ok to not prefer some kinds of sensory input and that some people have lower thresholds at which they are overloaded.


I always grab the treasurer job. You mean all you want me to do is cut a few checks, keep a balanced checkbook, and periodically issue a spreadsheet? Sign me up. Don't ask me about food. I'm the treasurer, remember?

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