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07 September 2019


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Your trip is making me miss Boston! I would love to take kids out there sometime to revisit old haunts, and the birthplace of my oldest two.... it was really a lovely place to be a young adult and grad student. Dinners in the North End weren't as frequent once I had a baby, but in our first year, we went there for each birthday dinner in our group. And Legal Sea Foods, and the Science Museum.... sigh! I have pictures of visiting Bunker Hill and Paul Revere's house with a nearly-newborn, in the last days of my mother's visit to take care of us after her birth - after all, walking is such good exercise!


It's so fun seeing so many of my favorite places through your eyes. And I keep wondering... why has it been so long since we've been there? Why haven't we done that? Ah well, I guess we tend to take it for granted. That plus inertia. When it's always there but takes planning and energy to make it happen, it's easy to keep putting it off. I'm glad you had such a fabulous visit.

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