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11 September 2019


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Melanie B

This is a very interesting musing. I think I agree with you about hot takes as small talk and their social utility. And about the importance of both the nuggets and the relationships.

I think these days I also am more apt to listen and respond than to be the first to jump in with a hot take. I've become more wary and there are a lot of things I think about sharing and don't or about writing and stop.

Dorian Speed

I agree that this is very interesting. That is my hot take! I do hate that the online world is no longer a place where we can easily think out loud about what we ACTUALLY think without having to be exactly correct right out the gate in the race towards figuring out our own perspectives.

I'd probably buy merch branded with "Hot takes are the small talk of intellectuals on social media." Just in case you were planning to make mugs or something.

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