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03 January 2020


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Your weight loss series of posts was incredibly helpful to me personally. I was never really heavy, but I was consistently 25-30 lbs. heavier than ideal for my height and frame. I tended to oscillate between restrictive fad diets (Atkins! South Beach! Paleo! Keto!) and obsessive over-exercising, then getting fed up and thinking "meh, who cares, I'm just going to eat that muffin and then I may as well eat ALL THE CARBS because I'm not in ketosis" and gain it all back.

Your posts clarified to me that the reason I was always heavier than I wanted to be was not that I was "carb sensitive" or "endomorph" or whatever; I just consistently ate a little more than I needed. And the reason I was so adamant about doing all the silly diets was because I had an irrational fear of being a little hungry; hence I was obsessed with low-carb diets that promised I'd lose weight while still being able to eat AS MUCH AS I WANTED.

Once I realized that while everything is permissible, not all things are beneficial; and that feeling a little hungry for an hour before each meal or snack wasn't that unbearable a burden, the weight came off and I've been able to maintain for five years now.

I won't lie, there was a point where I got a little *too* thin, and a little *too* obsessive about the calories; but that is more due to me having an obsessive kind of personality rather than anything you wrote. If anything, your posts tended to be a reality check for me and clarified that the goal is to NOT be obsessing over food or lack of food, and to eat in moderation and not give eating and weight the central focus in my life.


I’m awfully glad to see you back again. I have read your fitness progress posts and eating posts (and relished your great libations selected while traveling, always thinking “Good for you!”). Refining can’t hurt, but if they can still be read while you’re tinkering, that would be appreciated. I’m feeling ready to make more changes in my life with regards to eating, and you are very grounded on the whole with your posts. (FWIW I’m 45 & have been 30-80 pounds overweight since I was 18. I don’t know what it’s like to be at a healthy weight or an athlete for my own sake, and I have always been I inspired by your own journey for that reason.)

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