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17 January 2020


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I am glad that it was the door back out. I experienced that once with a spot in my lung. I usually enjoy your writing but this post is so well written and describes the feeling I had so well that I had to comment. Plus I learned a new vocabulary word!


I don't like either airports or hospitals so now I will have to sit and think of a liminal space I do like.


I have always thought that I am sort of a weirdo about this, or at least odd, because I feel like *most* people are like Kelly. That being said, I want to stress that I am not particularly fond of the non-public hospital spaces, the treatment rooms and the like—just the parts you pass through on your way.

I have often described myself as enjoying being “alone in a crowd.” Part of what I like about all these spaces is that in them you are allowed to be relatively anonymous, but you can seek out human contact (good mornings, smiles, small talk, requests for small helps like directions or the time of day) if you crave just a little of it. But rarely do you wind up committed to more contact than desired, or that feels safe.


Obviously I was born to move to the Upper Midwest. “Polite distance” is my happy place.

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