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28 February 2020


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Melanie B

"And I kind of understand, now, a little bit better, a tiny piece of the special magic of having a liturgical language? The code-switching, the turning on of a circuit inside you that puts you in a different state of mind --- for me, here, a fresher state of mind, a younger and more halting one?"

You're making me think maybe I should try doing some of my prayer in Latin.
I was sort of almost thinking along those lines this morning in the car while listening to a well-known hymn in Latin. I know liturgical Latin well enough that I don't have to *think* to understand Hosanna Filio David. I think I'd like to try the Psalms in Latin to se if they help me come at them in a new way.


Melanie, the iBreviary app will give you everything you need in many languages, including Latin!


Oh I forgot it does Latin. Which I should have remembered.

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