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20 March 2020


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The response of Grace's school has been fairly uneven. Some teachers gave explicit assignments. Others linked the practice tests for the state's standardized tests. I guess that means do that? Others have assigned exactly nothing with no instructions one way or the other.

If she does a little bit of reading and about six math problems a day, she will stay caught up. It leaves her a lot of down time.


I already feel like we've been on abbreviated school since everything fell apart in September. I drag the little ones through math and reading, we do some read alouds every day. I occasionally check in with B. about Latin. But for the most part the two biggest girls are being neglected. They read a lot, they write fiction together, but the more rigorous stuff just hasn't been happening. I keep waiting for the breathing space to get back up to speed and it never comes up. So I guess we're doing a sort of sort of hybrid unschoolingish homeschool where I just hope that eventually I can get the smallest ones up to speed on reading independently and then that will hopefully free up my brain to focus on the big kids. Maybe-- hopefully?-- in time for high school? Bella is enjoying an online ornithology class this term and has asked for more for the fall. So maybe high school is going to be a lot more outsourced to online classes. Not cheap, but at least more structure than I can give.

So yeah, I feel like nothing has changed for us and by the way, welcome to my world everyone.

Maybe that's why I feel oddly calm, numb? Because I've been on the anxiety treadmill for so long that I just can't amp it up past where it already is? My background level was already high. And at least now I don't have to feel guilty for all the out of the house stuff we aren't doing.

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