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26 March 2020


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Thanks for this.

The thing that trips me up is imagining consequences -- not just the event, but all the things that might follow on its heels.

It is very sensible advice, but to someone who hasn't read Intro to the Devout Life it also reads as a bit stern.


I am sure I haven’t gotten the tone quite right. To me it sounds reassuring, in part because to my utter astonishment there seem to be far too many people advising AGAINST taking precautions and remedies, and others nodding sagely alongside. It infuriates me to think that through fatalism or magical thinking or even a demented piety someone might fail to take even simple and easy remedies. But then, that there’s a point when, having tried to reduce exposure, you do get to say “I’ve done quite a bit and additional work will give me diminishing returns, and it’s got to be okay for me to turn my attention to something else.” And when you do that, that you haven’t failed or quit prematurely or been reckless. None of us are perfect or can be, even though bad things could still befall us, it isn’t entirely in our control.

But yeah, these might only soothe my particular flavor of compulsiveness, which has more to do with not being found at fault.

Jane Meyerhofer

Wandering through the internet....
I have always taken comfort in a different part of St. francis's advice about anxiety. He said that being anxious is the worst thing that can heppen to a soul except for sin. He says it is natural to wish for bad things to be gone but we must work patiently towards that end. I can't cut and paste the quote but it's easy to google.

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