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16 March 2020


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Melanie B.

I understand this sorrow.

I think we're all unravelling in different ways. Trying to hold it together in different ways.

For us, so far not much is changed from our daily life. Except for no Mass on Sunday, we're sticking to our usual routine. And yet, somehow, it feels like nothing will ever be the same again. It's 9/11 all over again, except worse. This time I'm a mom. This time I'm more personally worried.

Amy F

Oo, Melanie nailed a lot of my feelings. I keep remembering 9/11 too. Then I was newly married, unemployed, and knew eventually I needed to stop staring at the TV, but there didn't seem to be much point.

Now there are loud kids jumping all over each other while I try to listen to the governor's press conference and I don't want to freak them out but I'm also tired of the newly-14 year old make jokes when I tell him not to get too close to the neighbors we haven't already seen this week. Everything feels so fragile and I'm already weary.


It may not have felt like a valuable post, but your honesty is refreshing. For many reasons, I should be grateful to be here with my family (we are literally in the middle of an expat move to France, our life is completely up in the air and my husband and I were supposed to be in Europe right now!)and for quality time together after months of work travel, but it all feels so weird. I'm working EU hours from home, our boys are home from preschool, my husband has been laid off from his part time job. I'm emotionally exhausted at this point and instead of finding peace in being at home with the people who matter most, I just want our normal routine! Ack, one day at a time I guess.


Thanks for the comments. I'm realizing that connecting through blogs and blog posts and comments is giving me a lot of comfort right now.


It is good to hear you again. I understand your feeling of not having anything "new" to say, but sometimes it helps to hear something in a different voice, or at a different time - I will always read your posts ;)

So far, we still have a breadwinner who goes "away" for work, and comes home, so our only change is that the rest of us are all here all the time. But the unsettled doesn't come from the new schedule, here.

I had to have a serious talk with one child who wasn't taking things seriously, just before everything shut down and the talk was irrelevant. She was annoyed about the precautions she was being asked to take, and we had clearly done too good a job of protecting the children from our worry ;) And now, we're learning about exponential growth, heh. "Let's talk about why having only 1 new case doesn't mean there's nothing to shut down for."


One thing I’m feeling is immense gratitude that we homeschool, so everyone-home-together-all-day is normal. I’ve been reaching out to friends who are homeschooling for the first time now, and I feel bad for their level of stress/worry about doing “all that” on top of life! I keep telling them not to sweat the academics and to go outside as much as possible (of course, it *is* in the 80’s here in New Orleans...!)

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