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26 April 2020


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Emily J

You are lucky to have enough weights for your son to bench 200lbs! I was late to the idea of equipping a home gym - partly because the military base gym where we go for free stayed open longer than most places. So when I realized our teen boys needed something to keep them motivated to work out, most of the order online options were depleted. I was able to buy an Olympic bar and 2 25 pound plates, but I couldn't find dumbbells or other plates that were not 1-2 lbs or 75+ pounds anywhere. So we are making do with those and the 10 and 20 pound dumbbells we already had. I'm trying to encourage them to do a lot of reps to make up for the lack of weight.

Even though I previously trained for competitive events, I tend to think that physical fitness training - weights, running, biking, swimming, yoga, pilates, whatever - is valuable in itself, as a discipline of mind and body, like the liberal arts. The value isn't in the outcome or usefulness but in the process. But you never know when you might have to fight a bad guy or flee from pursuit!

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