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12 April 2020


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I love this. The Emmaus story is one I've pondered a lot in my life. When I was 8 my parents opened a Catholic bookstore and called it Emmaus. I used to go hang out there on Saturdays and help my dad and hide in the corner and read books. It was a word that was commonly on my tongue and the story was one I thought of again and again as I looked at the store's logo of three men walking into the sun which also looked like a stylized host, and at a painting of the encounter that my parents hung in the dining room.

I love your reflections here about the nature of the heart and of knowing and believing and loving that which we cannot see and touch.

This paragraph especially seems exactly right: "I've come to think of "heart" as standing in for the bleeding edge between the intellect and the emotions, the will and the action. It is, to me, the interface and the mystery of how our consciousness and our body coexist and co-produce: the place where the invisible diffuses across the veil into the visible, and vice versa; the place where our metaphysical choosing emerges as physical manipulation of matter, and where the actions and consequences of the interactions of matter (real matter: protons and electrons and neutrons, and more) burrows into consciousness and reverberates in the soul."

Also: "But the metaphorical, liturgical, literary heart is a boundary, a veil, a membrane, a place of sure contact. Whatever it may mean, and I'm not pretending to know exactly, there is a way somehow we can choose to open it up like a parallel sluice to the senses. And those same packages and messages will go back and forth, but in a new way, with a new channel, a new way where heart speaks to heart an we aren't alone on the road anymore, nor alone in our houses, but with Him, and being with Him, being with everybody else, inside and outside of Time."

I love the image of a new channel. It's really what we mean by the 'communion of saints' that we have a means of communication, of 'being with' that is that heart speaking to heart outside of time and space.

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