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09 April 2020


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The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Cardinal Sean talked about consolations in one of his Lenten retreats. About mistaking the Experience for the Person of God. The Experience is not God. I like that because it gets at the same thing you're saying, I think. That consolations are-- or can be-- more than just feelings. But I think "experience" encompasses feelings and goes beyond them.

I sometimes feel guilty about the consolations I've received in a time of desolation. So I'm trying to focus my energy and attention-- very badly, but I'm trying-- on praying for those who are without consolations and asking God to give them some of the consolation that I have received. I don't know why I feel that the sign my prayer is answered should be the removal of the consolations. But I guess that would be too simple. There is no sign. Just the work of prayer and the hope that it does someone, somewhere some good.

I'm trying to focus locally. I drove past our local hospital yesterday-- where Anthony and Lucy were born and where we've spent long hours in the ER as well-- and prayed for the doctors and nurses and patients there. I read an article that said they have 100 patients with the virus and 24 in the ICU. Who knows how many more it will be in the coming weeks. My goal is concrete: to keep us out of there. But then to pray for those who are there.

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