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11 May 2020


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Christy P.

It’s the same reason that people are scared of being eaten by a shark but not by driving to the beach.


I know. I like to think that I am exempt from the irrationality of the way that the human brain evolved to make decisions by pattern recognition and cues to stay in the graces of one’s social group, but it’s only true *sometimes.* ;-)

Jane Meyerhofer

There is also the fact that in the beginning so much was unknown about the disease and how it would affect people. I remember thinking about the cruise boat and wondering if anyone would live. But lots and lots of them did. That certainly changed my perception. So did the recognition of the actual mechanism of the disease affecting the blood rather than the lungs. So treatments have been evolved. That changes me anyway.

Catherine Baier

I'm with you. I'm still afraid, but I also decided to be as cautious as I can be and know that I can't expect anyone to be as cautious as me. I had to give in and go shopping because many times Amazon Prime, Instacart, or Sam's Club Click and Pull were not available OR limited quantities of items we need in greater quantity than available through an online provider.

I've had several conversations with people frustrated with the stay-at-home. They throw statistics about lost wages, abuse, suicide. I desperately try to see their side. All I see (and I know this is my weakness here) is that it's keeping people like my husband safe. I want things to stay the way they are for just a little longer, but that's just me.

And ironically, I have been working a lot lately (not doing my regular job because the kids have been gone since March 13). I'm filling in on all those new adjustments we are having to make to ensure people can see and hear Mass on the Internet, receive the bulletins, attend parking lot Mass. All of these things ensure the 70% of our parish population (those over 60), remain safe as well.

We lost a parishioner to COVID. His wife is still recovering from COVID. I'm in no hurry to rush the return to normal if we haven't even peaked.


Thanks for sharing, Cathie.

This weekend I went to the neighborhood hardware store in person to pick up an online order and whooooo boy they are NOT managing the distancing the way I would have liked to see.

Kinda sad, because I am glad there is a neighborhood hardware store, but perhaps the big boxes have the resources to create a safer space.

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