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11 September 2020


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Thank you. I love this so much. Your happiness is so lovely to witness. I am happy for you all.

We are still staying away from our homeschooling friends because most of them seem to have a very different response to the pandemic than we do. It makes me rather sad, but it is what it is, I guess. It's September again and we are isolated about as much as we were last September, but at least I don't have a child falling apart with anxiety. In that way at least things are much better.


Yes, I belong to a homeschooling parent support group, and I waffled over whether to pay my dues or whether to sit it out this year. Volunteering at one event is required. In the end I decided to send in the dues just because I do think it is an important group and I want it to survive, even if I don’t want to attend indoor meetings, etc. Maybe I will think of something to contribute safely.

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