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13 December 2020


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Melanie Bettinelli

I love how you've picked up on "test everything."

" And we mustn't, I think, make our judgment based on some distant, cryptic, dramatic endpoint, the end that no one can see clearly, though some pretend it's upon us and the old rules are thrown off already; but instead against the background of things that always were and always will be, that move and turn to let us see them and yet always come back to the start again so we can always recognize them, old friends, if our eyes and heart are open."

Today I watched the homily from our favorite Benedictine Abbey. The sound quality wasn't great and the priest had rather a monotone, but he said something that resonates with this. He said we can't do anything about the birth of Jesus two thousand years ago. Or about his coming in glory in some future end time. But we can be responsible for Jesus being born in our hearts right here and now, today. The coming of the hidden Christ in our midst and the manifesting him to the world in our actions.


Melanie, that's exactly what I mean.

Being ready for the end times doesn't mean expecting it's just around the corner. The foolish virgins ran out of oil because they didn't have enough energy to last for the whole wait, which I guess, was longer than they expected.

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