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06 May 2021


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Thank you for this meditation. I have missed you :-)

I used the word purity in a discussion with my teen girls this past week, referring to a desire to... not just do your prudential best (re keeping body healthy, etc) but find and do and preach the One Right Way to keep your body or mind pure from all the [pasteurized milk/vaccine/Novus Ordo liturgy/loving sinners/etc] out there being treated as acceptable or even good. (You know, as I read over this, I think "It's gnosticism!" The secret knowledge that saves.... And I turn to my daughter and say this, and she nods and says, "yeah, I was thinking that - if you'd asked me, I would have said so." Good to know!)

I really like your description of aligning ourselves (and doing it *for real* not for show) - I've been so frustrated with all the little cohorts forming around me, so I've been trying to just keep my head down, eyes on my work, trying not to become part of the problem. But sometimes I'm the one who needs to send the email correcting an actual easily-checked falsehood on my email chain, even though it will be uncomfortable for me and for everyone else. Aligning is what I need to do: being in my own particular space, and doing it as best I can while begging for loads of prudence. Thank you for describing it so well.


I have missed you too -- thanks for this post! Thanks too for co-hosting the Friendship of Christ discussion. I didn't participate in any of the conversation but I really enjoyed the book.


(popping back in to ask - how was your first Mass back? Mine was..n't, as I posted at Jamie's blog. I should have taken your no-kids approach to my first Mass back.)

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