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17 January 2022


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Melanie B

So much of this is familiar and so much rings true and yeah these have been some very trying years. But the more language I have to label the anxiety, and the more we work with therapists, the easier it's getting. Still hard, but easier. Marginally.

I like the thermometer image and might need to print one off for our use. I have a certain anxious child who likes numbers and certainty and this might appeal. We previously had a color-coded system, a couple of years ago, but it was just red-yellow-green and I think not as useful. We got some mileage out of it, but then moved on.

We're still in the process of identifying what kinds of help/interventions/self-regulation are appropriate when. Maybe we can work on tying different ones to specific numbers on the scale. That's worth experimenting with.


There are a lot of examples of wording for the tick marks online, appropriate for different ages. It could be a fun project to make personalized versions for every kid.

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